Free Kingdom Bible Training Program (UDCM)
April 13, 2013

University of Dana Carson Ministries (UDCM) is a Bible study institute that takes an innovative yet structured and strategic, approach to teaching traditional midweek church Bible studies through block learning. UDCM is designed to train lay leaders specifically in the fundamentals of the Kingdom. UDCM strives to teach sound biblical doctrine that can serve as the foundation for spiritual development and maturity for those who are hungry to understand the scriptures. Research suggests that Christianity is on a decline in western society. A CNN October 2010 study on world religion revealed that Protestant’s knowledge of their religion, and others, lags behind those who are religious, as wells as, atheists. There is a growing concern about the biblical illiteracy that plagues the Body of Christ. The UDCM is an attempt to provide biblical literacy for those who really desire to study, continue and grow in the Word of God. UDCM delivers its Kingdom Curriculum through 12 blocks or courses that are 10-weeks in each duration. The curriculum is arranged so the learner can learn line upon line and precept upon precept.

The following is a list of the twelve block/courses provided by the University of DMC: 

  1. Kingdom 101
  2. The Kingdom and the Church
  3. Kingdom Fundamentals
  4. Kingdom Doctrine
  5. Kingdom and the Supernatural
  6. Kingdom Worship
  7. Kingdom Dynamics and Parables
  8. Kingdom Warfare
  9. Kingdom Government & Righteousness
  10. Kingdom Relationships
  11. Kingdom Discipleship
  12. Kingdom Eschatology

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1080 Utica Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11203 (7:15 PM on Wednesdays). Please check our event section to see what courses are currently being offered.